Beauty addict, female saxes and a festival of shoes


I am seriously addicted to beauty! It keeps me working and exploring all kinds of new things, in both art and music.

water lily 48 x 30

water lily 48 x 30

I am 7 days into this new series of water paintings. This one is big, 48 x 30, and was inspired by a series of photos I took at my friend Penny’s house. It’s not done, but I am letting it rest for awhile to gain perspective on it and am starting another big one.

I have a lot of wall space to fill up for my February 2014 show at Chapin Gallery in Princeton, NJ. It’s my first show, and my cousin, sculptor John Spedding of Pennington, NJ, will be sharing the show with me. His mother, my beloved Aunt Julie, got me started painting ten years ago. If she only knew how obsessed with it I would become!

With the help of my friends I will make it through this period! On this website I will let you know about what’s happening along the way and will appreciate your feedback!

I also will be showcasing some local art and music happenings that may fall under the radar. They involve friends and acquaintances who are doing fun projects just for the joy of it!


This past Friday night Gabi Schadel was playing for Mic Boekelmann’s Lux Gallery party in Hopewell, NJ. Her luscious tone provided  sweet relief  to people as they came dripping in out of the torrential rain that went on all night. The event  was a Fete Rouge for Mic’s local German friends, who came out to party and to see the new work of Lux Gallery owners, Cathy, Donna, Margie, Jane and Mic. We danced and had a great time!


Will Bostock knows how to throw a party! His Blue Hair Salon on Huntington Pike in Bryn Athyn, PA,  features jazz every Saturday. Not your run-of-the-mill ho-hum haircut! He is simply the best, and he is always doing something creative. This event was to benefit the Philadelphia group Startup Corps, which helps inner city teenagers become entrepreneurs.

This Saturday’s party was also the culmination of a six month long project which traded make-overs for art. Local artists donated pieces to Startup Corps, and they were auctioned off Saturday night.

The music was incredible! Lynn Riley on sax, Will’s sister Donna on Latin percussion, his brother Brett on both acoustic and electric guitar, and Reuben laying down some serious grooves on electric bass. Will sat in on sax as did stylist Marguerite on vocals. They were all fantastic.

Also extremely entertaining was the parade of shoes going by! I just couldn’t believe these little sculptures, one after the other. So elaborate and fun. One woman was even dancing (just a little bit!)


Next time: French Canvas Company and hopefully some progress on a new painting

Until then…keep making things!

xo Kathy


9 thoughts on “Beauty addict, female saxes and a festival of shoes

  1. Kath, you just keep amazing me. I’m so glad to be able to say I knew you when. The lilly pads is incredible. I don’t think you need to anythng more to it. What a wonderful artist you have become. Hope you and Sy are both well. Love, Bonnie

    • Bonnie, you’re always so supportive. Thank you. I hope you and Booter are well. Can’t wait to see you soon! Love, Kathy

    • Jane, We had a great time at the party. I love your work too, and I love that sweet little Lux Gallery!
      Hope to see you soon!

  2. Cathy, this is so great….and your painting looks wonderful….I am sooo impressed…sorry to have lost track, but this is a nice way to stay connected…how are you and how is Sy….I wrote him recently but no reply??? my email is above…both of you are always in my heart…Bravo, Lady…this is a great combination of some of your many talents and

  3. This is such a crisp, pleasing blog. Great design. I love this painting, the sensous shapes and colors. And the sax/shoe update is classic-it’s a place on your blog that works like a cool show and tell! Brilliant-a glass of Kathy Wallacian champagne!

  4. Kathy,
    Your paintings are beautiful. I am looking forward to your show. I really need one of those lily paintings displayed in our school (in the office). I can’t wait to purchase one of your paintings for the house.

    Love you,

    • Chris, I’m glad you like the paintings! We need to follow up on our plan to get together with Randee and Dave. Let’s talk soon.

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