New lilies and the French Canvas Company



I’ve been having quite a fun time with these paintings! I’ve cranked up the air conditioning and stayed up in my studio pretty relentlessly! The process for Lily Number 2 progressed like the first one. Then I switched out of that color range and followed where Number 3 wanted to go. I took what I learned from that one and looped back onto the first two, adding more color to the petals. It gave more depth to my original simplified image, and I like it.

lily 3, 48 x 30

lily 3, 48 x 30

This was how I was expecting the work to progress. As I learn something new, I can go back and see if I can use it elsewhere. I also revised two of the large October Creek paintings as a result, and I think they are pretty close to being finished.  I was working on bringing in more light and kicking up the circular nature of the images by adding bright, light colors.  I’ll look at them again in a few weeks. I’m not sure if I went far enough, and I’ll know later, when I haven’t looked at them in awhile.


It’s great when you find people you know you can count on. I believe Robert Mogul, owner of the French Canvas Company in Trenton, NJ, is one of them.

My friend Mic Boekelmann and I  made a site visit to check them out, and we were really impressed. It’s a huge factory space at 200 Whitehead Road, Trenton, NJ, devoted to nothing but making canvases to order for artists. Any size or shape you want, various options for canvas and linen and other products are available, all made to order. Check out their website:

I brought home a truckload of canvas and am very pleased with the price, the quality, and the excellent service I got from both Rob and his friendly staff.

Next time: switching to smaller sized canvas and a sculpture picnic! Until then, thanks for looking and have fun making things!



4 thoughts on “New lilies and the French Canvas Company

  1. These paintings are truly exceptional. So peaceful. Great depth. The colors are wonderful. You should be very proud of what you have accomplished.

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