Come to my opening on January 8, 5:00 to 7:00 pm at CHAPIN GALLERY in Princeton!



My year of painting started down at the creek, where I made small pastels.  Then I went indoors and made oil paintings.


I had fun making large oil paintings based on my initial impressions. Each painting suggested a follow-up

Painting 1


I also worked on a series of water lily paintings inspired by my friend Penny’s pond.

32 x 21"

32 x 21″


32 X 21"

32 X 21″

lily 1, 48 x 30

lily 1, 48 x 30

I just had fun splashing COLOR around and being in charge of my own take on things! A big swashbuckling swish here and there! Flourishes that made me laugh! Keith Jarrett blasting!


Aunt Julie watched over me during the whole process. Friends Pat, Eric, Tina, Bob and Mic gave me major help along the way. Thanks so much, guys, for being true friends!



I’m very lucky to be having my first show of paintings.  Having this goal in mind has supercharged me throughout the year and has taught me so many lessons. Seeing these 14 paintings hanging together in a beautifully lit,  proper space is going to thrill me! I can’t wait until it goes up!

And some extra fun comes from sharing the space with my cousin, sculptor John Spedding. His prize-winning,  elegant sculptures are made of  marble, alabaster and limestone. “When Paint Meets Stone” is the name of our show.  Both John and I were inspired to do art through his mother, our mentor, painter Julia Spedding.

The show is at THE GALLERY AT CHAPIN, 4101 Princeton Pike, Princeton, NJ 08540 from January 6 through the 29th. Please come join us for the opening on WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 8 from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. The gallery is open during school hours. Call (609) 924-7206 to arrange an appointment.

We’ll hope to see you on Wednesday, January 8!

Thanks and love,



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